Become A Test Center

Your center is vital to candidates who are committed to training, testing and looking for opportunities to advance. From the moment they enter your center, you can count on a smooth and reliable process. Every step, every time. Read more about the benefits, technology and support for authorized test centers and download technical and facility requirements.

How It Works ?


Choose Your Certification

Access special promotion and support tools

Being a partner of Live core which is an authorized Test center gives you access to volume discounts, special promotions and support tools to grow your business. Examples include content on the value of certification for your website, signage, marketing materials that you can co-brand, and access to research.


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Smart scheduling - Greater accessibility and flexibility

The advanced registration and scheduling system allows you to efficiently manage your test center hours and staff resources while providing candidates with scheduling flexibility.


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Streamlining the experience

From the moment candidates enter your center, you can count on a smooth and reliable process. From automated check-in and exam readiness, through test delivery and quick results processing, count on Livecore's proven methods and technology. Every step, every time.


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Highly secure test environments

Livecore's advanced security measures ensure that the correct candidate takes the test, and all candidates test in a controlled and secure environment.


Get Certification

All certifications we provide for the examinations are exquisite as they are from the original parent certifying company. Being the authorized test centre the access to all test scores and certifications are the authentication of our presence as a proven testing centre.


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Provide access to success

Your test center has even greater potential to help your students, staff or people in your community by providing them with access to certifications and qualifications that develop their skills and knowledge. Also, providing professional and high stake exams, and many other leading global programs, complements your offerings and helps you grow. View the exams available for delivery by authorized test centers.